Online Casinos For US Players 2014

What are the available online casinos for US player 2014?

Lets see some of the best online casinos for US players 2014 that are available and highly top rated.

Online Casinos For US Players 2014. What are the list? :

The top list of Online Casinos For US Players 2014 that are available are Sun Palace Online Casino, Win Palace Casino,Las Vegas USA Casino, Old Havana Casino, Grand Parker Casino, Miami Club Casino, Jackpot Grand Casino, Vegas Casino Online, Slots Jungle Casino, Slots Of Fortune, Classy Coin Casino, Sloto Cash Casino, Onbling Casino, Loco Panda Casino, Desert Night Casino, Slots Plus Casino and Begado Casino

Online Casinos For US Players 2014. What are the top 3 list? :

The top 3 list of Online Casinos For US Players 2014 are Win Palace Casino, Sun Palace Online Casino and Las Vegas US Online Casino. Win Palace Casino is licensed in Netherlands since 2009. Win Palace Online Casino accept online US players and have more than 100 casino games. It accepts USD. Sun Palace Online Casino is one of the casino that is licensed under Costa Rica in 2002. It has over 90 casino games. It also accepts US players and also have currency in USD. Las Vegas US Online Casino was established and licensed in Costa Rica in 1999. It accepts USD currency and also US players. It has over 120 casino games.

Online Casinos For US Players 2014. What are the features for this casino? :

The best feature for this Online Casinos For US Players 2014 is the bonus section where you receive $500. We are talking about the Las Vegas Usa Online Casino the special bonus that are given is 125% more when you deposit from $20 to $100. If you deposited $100 or more you will get 124% for the first $100 and 24% for the remaining money. It has a variety of slot games, table game and card games.

The features for Sun Palace Online Casino is for every deposits of $20 to $100 you will get a bonus of 125% and for deposits of more than $100 you will get a bonus of $125 plus 20% bonus. Try their new loch ness game slot which offer millions to win.

For Win Palace Casino There is a wonderful match bonus that gives 200% up to $1000. If you plan to play on slots then there is a better bonus which is 300% match bonus that means for every 300 you receive $3000.

Online Casinos For US Players 2014. Is It safe? :

Yes it is safe for all this Online Casinos For US Players 2014. The type of payment method are credit card, money order and gift cards for Alas Vegas USA Online Casino. Sun Palace Online Casino have 24 customer service so all issue of problems in game will be solved instantly. They have a range of payment services too like credit card, netteller and firepay. Win Palace Casino also have 24/7 online customer service for your convenient in case of any issue in game and they payout is the best of all with a percentage of 99.34%. They use several type of payment method like master card, visa and click and pay

Online Casinos For US Players 2014. What are the ratings? :

The rating for Online Casinos For US Players 2014 are 10/10 for Win Palace Casino, 10/10 for Sun Palace Casino and 9.9/10 for Las Vegas USA Online Casino. All the other casino on list have the rating of 9.7/10 and below

Online Gambling

How Interesting is Online Gambling?

Online gambling is a fascinating industry. You can succeed or fail playing online casino games. That is what makes this industry more fun. Leading US casinos such as Loco Panda, Grand Parker, Winpalace and Silver Oak casinos among others have games tailored toward success for every player. Games here are developed in a series or versions to be precise. Bona fide gamblers can play high rated games and leave the lower series for new gamblers. Categorizing gambling for the same game is what makes US online casinos comfortable for both new and experienced members.

What are the Characteristics of Featured Online Gambling Casinos in the US?

Characteristics of featured Online Gambling casinos in the US are straightforward. While you cannot know how many members a certain casino has, you can know how it performs in the industry. We are talking of online opportunities, online gambling and making money online through casinos. Therefore, moneymaking platforms are easy to identify because everybody with time seems to be there. Money characteristics such as sign up bonuses, payout percentages and any other monetary benefits are the best characteristics of these casinos. For example, Loco Panda Casino at the time of writing this article has a $4000 sign up bonus and is rated the best US casino. Casino Titan, Grand Parker Casino, Casino Winpalace and Silver Oak Casino have a $1000 sign-up bonus each. These top five casinos in the US have a payout percentage ranging from 99%- 96.19%.

What Does Online Gambling Entail?

Online Gambling is signing up to a casino website, play games and win or lose. While experienced gamblers are happy because they seldom lose games, new gamblers don’t have to play exclusive games. They can play games at their level to gain experience before graduating to featured games. Online casinos have enough games to play and newer ones are loaded up every day. Everybody is busy in the gambling industry from games developers, casino software developers, gamblers and online casino investors. Additionally, state entertainment regulators are on toes to make sure all the online casinos in the US operate under laws. Therefore, online gambling is a busy industry.

What Makes Online Gambling in the US Stand Out?

Online Gambling in the US is both an economic and entertainment industry. Online casinos are regulated under state laws to safeguard users and the ethical use of the internet as well. Since the internet is here for opportunities, the online casino industry is not a burden to US players but an economic activity. In the US you will encounter legal and legit online casinos. These casinos were or are established using specific regulations to ensure to deliver their purpose and not to act as online criminal dens. With strict development and established guidelines, online gambling in the US casinos is unique.

Can You Easily Succeed with Online Gambling?

Success with Online Gambling depends with your experience as a player. Although everybody can gamble online, there are gurus and serious players who do this as their full time job. You cannot compete with someone who has been gambling from day one of online casinos advent. However, there are enough opportunities for every player including those who will sign up today. The point to success with online casinos is biting what you can chew. That way, you will succeed with online gambling because many people have had success already and they’ve liked online gambling compared to traditional gambling.

US Casinos

About US Casinos

How Did US Casinos Take Shape?

US Casinos have a very long history of how they came into operation and how they have evolved into a multi-billion industry. Games of chances or gambling were brought into the British American colonies by the first settlers. The gambling attitudes greatly varied from one community to the other and during that era there were completely no restrictions on the practice. As a source of raising revenue the British colonies used lotteries from time to time during the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries and the proceeds were used in the establishment or development of secondary schools. Prior to the American Revolution in the year 1769, the British crown imposed a restriction on lotteries and this became one among the many issues that fueled tension between Britain and its Colonies. In the United States lotteries continues to be used both at the federal and state level. The business of gambling started developing slowly amongst the various communities. New Orleans become one of the leading gambling center in the nation. The lower Mississippi River valley also become a hotbed for gambling, in the 19th century, a wave of gambling hostility started pushing gambling activities into boats in the Mississippi river, this was however heavily affected with the development of railroads. With such increasing legal pressures on gambling opportunities for illegal activities were born. By the year 1850 San Fransisco become more popular with gambling overtaking New Orleans which was the United States gambling capital, gradually policing and laws on gambling were strengthened again causing the practice to go underground. In 1929 during development of the Hoover Dam and crashing of the stock market some States started legalizing gambling example being Nevada. By 1931 most forms of gambling were passed by law as a source of providing revenue to the state. In 1977 New Jersey followed suit. In the 1990s more other states legalized riverboat casinos. Internet development also spurred the popularity of online casinos further during the 20 and 21 century.

What Are The Authorized Types Of US Casinos?

With the legalization of many US Casinos in most States, the governments authorize multiple platforms for gambling and this was in effort to raise tax free money for much needed services, these included everything from multi-billion dollar poker tournaments to church basement bingo games. Some states could advertise revenues from particular gambling to be channeled to particular needs like health and eduction. The first state lottery was in the year 1963 in New Hampshire and this portrayed a major shift on social policy, however other states followed suit running various types of lottery to raise funds of state operation. According to the American Gaming Association the following were created as types of gambling:- Commercial Casinos, Indian Casinos, Lotteries, public and private card rooms,
parimutuel wagering, legal bookmarking and charitable games and bingo.

What Are The Major Implications Of Legalizing Commercial US Casinos?

With the legalization of US Casinos in most states, the industry has risen to a multi-billion dollar industry with a lot of casino operators setting up shops in order to reap from gambling addicts, some lucky clients have also made fortunes from participating in lotteries and other gambling games on the casinos and this has so far been identified as the easiest and quickest way to make money.

What Are The Types Of US Casinos?

With the constant evolutions in the industry, casinos games have had a number of platforms for their players, this has ranged from boats to church basements. Currently there are two major ways in which one can access US Casinos, these are brick and mortar casinos i.e are housed on a building e.g clubs or Casinos as an entity and secondly is online casinos, these use the internet as their major platform.

Are All US Casinos Legit?

Despite the legalization of casinos on most of the States in the US some states still treat gambling activity as illegal, therefore not all US Casinos are legitimate. It is however advised to check the jurisdiction and licensing of any gambling house you would like to take part in before starting out, you can get this information on theory customer service desk or search it online.